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mRNA Formulation

mRNA Delivery for mRNA-based vaccines

Ncapsulate™, lipid nanoparticules production equipment for mRNA delivery
Digital illustration of a lipid nanoparticle delivering mRNA, a technology used in modern vaccine development, in cross-section view

The importance of mRNA formulation in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) is paramount for vaccine and therapeutic effectiveness. Proper formulation enhances mRNA stability, protects it from degradation and extends shelf-life, while ensuring efficient cellular uptake.

Current conventional workflows heavily rely on repurposed equipment, traditionally found in other application such as biologics and immunotherapy bioprocessing. These equipment can be numerous and complex to manage. They often require large floorspace with dedicated rooms, tedious documentation, SOP’s and personnel training. The equipment is not always ideally suited for the application, something that is especially true for drug-product purification. This procedure can indeed employ methods that are poorly scalable, induce high shear-stress and can produce high losses.

Complex bioprocessing workflow
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Our innovative solution integrates mRNA-LNP mixing and downstream purification in a single equipment, thereby removing the need to manage complex equipment and reducing the required foorspace. Additionally and through the use of innovative purification techniques, our solution aims at reducing product losses to improve final drug-product availability.