mRNA Production Solution

From R&D to large-scale manufacturing

Quantoom Biosciences Ntensify™ Product line, one of the pillar of the Ntensify mRNA production solution, including Ntensify™ mini, Ntensify™ midi, Ntensify™ maxi
Design principles of the Ntensify™ RNA platform. The 4 pillars of the Ntensify mRNA Production Solution

The Ntensify™ mRNA production solution is more than just an equipment, it encompasses:

a redesigned and optimized process, ready-to-use mixes of reagents, scale-less disposables, and low footprint production equipment.

  • A redesigned and optimized process
  • Ready-to-use mixes of reagents
  • Scale-less disposables
  • Low footprint production equipment

It enables synthesis and purification of messenger RNA with construct-agnostic performances. Our solution is designed to maximize yield, quality, and cost-effectiveness, starting from a linear DNA template. This produces purified naked RNA, ready for sterile filtration prior to formulation into a drug product.

The Ntensify™ solution is a novel approach to mRNA production, achieved through advanced Design of Experiments (DoE) and after 3 years of optimization. It enables high- yield, low-contaminant mRNA to be produced while simultaneously reducing the overall costs.

The process is construct-agnostic and includes an optimized one-pot IVT with co-transcriptional capping and a single-step purification to minimize mRNA losses and increase available drug-substance mRNA. It can scale seamlessly from mg-scale (R&D level) to kg-scale (commercial production).

Average performances of the most recent version of the Ntensify™ process related to process parameters and mRNA quality attributes. The process is one of the 4 pillars of the Ntensify mRNA Production Solution

Quantoom Biosciences’ Ntensify process* has been developed through numerous experiments on various mRNA constructs

  • Number of reactions: > 300
  • Number of constructs: 40+
  • Construct size ranging from 998 to 10865 nucleotides:
    • mRNA from 998 to 4284 nucleotides
    • saRNA up to 10865 nucleotides

Helping you to shift from post- to co-transcriptional capping

See on the right the general advantages of shifting from post- to co-transcriptional capping.

Robust & performant process

  • A shown by the 45 different constructs tested to date.
  • High synthesis yield: 5,6 mg/mL. 

Qualitative mRNA

  • 94,8% capping efficiency on average.
  • 100% of 5’ cap 1 structure. 

Simpler & faster process

Reduce timelines by incorporating a one pot IVT  with co-transcriptional capping instead of a separate IVT and post-transcriptional capping


60% less capping reagent consumed compared to standard process with Quantoom’s IVT process Cost comparison between post- and co-transcriptional capping with purification step

Providing you with maximum flexibility in the design of your drug candidate

When producing mRNA sequences for research and design of a potential drug application, the choice of uridines can significantly impact immune response, protein translation efficiency, and vaccine’s stability.

Uridine chemical structure

Endogenous variant for increased immunogenicity

Pseudouridine chemical structure

Improved variant with reduced immunogenicity

Methylpseudouridine chemical structure

Stable mRNA with lower immunogenicity

Reducing the number of purification steps to increase recovery and drug substance availability

While maintaining stringent purification criteria with low residual contaminants. The purification relies on a single step separation through the use of silica-based magnetic beads. All of which is automated in the equipment, following the IVT reaction. Not only does this reduces product losses, this also reduces handling operations, acquisition and validation of various purification equipment.

Comparison between Ntensify ™ workflow and conventional workflow

Our product line provides a complete solution for drug-substance mRNA production, at every scale of the drug development process. Using the same design principles, our technology enables small scale experiments at milligram scale, all the way to commercial production with multiple hundreds of grams per batch.

1 mg

Entry point for RNA construct assessment

1 mg

From 2 to 100 mg / batch

Ntensify mini, mRNA production system for drug discovery and pre-clinical research

Drug discovery & pre-clinical phase

From 2 to 100 mg / batch

From 1 to 5 g / batch

Logo Ntensify™ midi, mRNA Production System for clinical trials & commercial manufacturing

Clinical trials & commercial production

From 1 to 5 g / batch

From 25 to 150 g / batch

Ntensify™ maxi, large-scale mRNA production system

Large commercial batch & pandemic readiness

From 25 to 150 g / batch

Our mixes of reagents are guaranteed to be animal-origin free and supplied from qualified vendors, assembled using a robust manufacturing process following QA release. The quality of our raw materials remain the same at every scale, from Ntensify™ mano to Ntensify™ maxi. Additionally, our mixes are supplied with CoA and SDS, TSE and BSE certificates. For mixes suitable for GMP production, additionnal certificates for bioburden, endotoxins and RNAse are provided.

Supplied ready-to-use, they save the hassle of requiring buffer prep and guarantee process consitency. Through process development, our team has identified the best possible combination of enzymes, buffer other required raw materials to maximize efficiency and reduce the overall costs

Containing all the necessary reagents for IVT and purification. Provided in their final container at optimal concentration

  • Nucleotides
  • Cap analog
  • RNA-polymerase
  • IVT Buffer
  • DNAse
  • Quenchers
  • Purification beads & buffers
  • Elution & Washing buffers

Our mixes of reagents are supplied ready-to-use with the following certificates:

  • CoA
  • SDS
  • AOF
  • RNAse
  • Bioburden
  • Endotoxins
Legend certificates delivered for Ntensify™ reagent mixes
mixes of reagents supplied ready-to-use for the Ntensify production equipment

Spread across reagents and disposables

Comparison of coGs  between conventional mRNA manufacturing and the manufacturing with the mRNA production technologies of Quantoom Biosciences

Through increased IVT performances and simplified purification, the Ntensify™ process enables significant reduction in the use of reagents. Using a single equipment that reduces the use of disposables further diminishes the CoGs in comparison to a conventional process.

The Ntensify™ low footprint facility saves
space in production suite and buffer
preparation zones

  • No buffer proparation zone required
  • IVT & DSP zones merged due to integrated equipment
  • Global floorplan reduced by a factor 3
Conventional facility with high footprint compared to the low footprint advantage of the Ntensify mRNA Production solution
Low footprint mRNA production facility using the mRNA production technologies of Quantoom Biosciences

Unlock the potential for scalable mRNA production with our proprietary disposables. Our IVT reactors streamline scale-up processes, enabling batch-continuous operation to the equivalent of 30L of IVT reaction, while our pooled purification system ensures high recovery rates and purity for mRNA drug substance. Say goodbye to conventional scale-up hassles and hello to efficient production!

Without the hassle of conventional scale-up.

Our disposables enable scale-up of mRNA production without the hassle of conventional scale-up. Through scale-out as of 20mL of IVT reaction, the equipment enables for operation in batch-continuous mode to the equivalent of 30L of IVT reaction, sufficient to produce 125g of mRNA or the equivalent of 2.5M of a 50µg mRNA vaccine. This means that using the same process design principles, one can scale production by a factor 125 without the need to invest time and resources in scalability studies.

IVT reactor plugged in one of the 4 slots of USP reactors in Ntensify™ midi.  of the Ntensify™ midi. Linked to the IVT step of the mRNA production with the Ntensify mRNA Production Solution
Pooling bottle of the Ntensify™ midi. Linked to the purification step pf the mRNA production with the Ntensify mRNA Production Solution

To increase drug substance availability

In order to facilitate purification and increase recovery, the various cavities are pooled in a DSP reactor that will purify the beads from residual contaminants such as enzymes, DNA strand, left-over nucleotides and cap-analogs, buffers… The outcome is purified drug-substance mRNA ready for filtration.