All-in-one mRNA production kit

For research use only

The Ntensify™ mano is an all-in-one, cost-effective mRNA production kit combining convenience, efficiency, and control. It provides optimized components for both IVT and downstream purification, ensuring high-quality results with reduced variability and time.

This mRNA production kit performs the Ntensify process for cost-effective production of purified mRNA, with a high-quality profile while minimizing impurities. 

Content of the Ntensify™ all-in-one mRNA production kit

 Visualization of NtensifyTM mano components and process: integrated IVT and purification.

Ntensify manomag, magnetic support enabling silica bead-based purifcation for the Ntensify mano, The Ntensify™ mano, an all-in-one mRNA Production Kit
Laboratory technicien operating the purification with the Ntensify manomag

Purification is achieved through magnetic silica beads, with our tailored magnetic tube holder enabling an average mRNA recovery above 80%. Moreover, the Ntensify™ manomag is precisely calibrated to optimally retain the magnetic beads, thereby enhancing both purification and mRNA yield.

The Ntensify™ mano mRNA production kit contains also an easy-to-use protocol, designed for user convenience. All reagent mixes are optimized to work together, enabling high mRNA yield while minimizing process-related impurities. Additionally, we deliver the mixes in compact boxes with clear labeling on each cap, further easing handling operations.

Laboratory technician reading the easy-to-use protocole to operate the Ntensify™ mano process
On of the Ntensify™ mano box ion which you can find the folded protocole