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Nfinity™ Platform
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Optimised process

The production process lies at the core of our Production Technologies. Our approach is built on a detailed understanding, redesign and successive optimization of the biochemical processes required to manufacture DNA and RNA and drug formulation. Each and every Quantoom technology is designed around a robust process that maximizes both yields and quality.

Pre-mixed reagents

Our pre-mixed reagents guarantee process performance. Those mixes contain reagents at the right concentrations, volumes and ratios and with the right physical & chemical properties to produce results in line with the process redesigned by Quantoom’s team of scientists.


The production process uses plastic disposable kits that have been carefully designed  to ensure that production remains at small scale while still achieving high productivity. Combining proprietary disposables with off-the-shelf items in kits allows our users to maximize performance while minimizing operating costs.


Our proven engineering principles of intensification and chaining allow Quantoom to develop low footprint, integrated systems that incorporate advanced robotics to automate the entire manufacturing process. This ensures product consistency and repeatability while saving time for the production teams.