Our history

Quantoom Biosciences is reinventing mRNA production by developing the platform Ntensify that encompasses DNA amplification and RNA manufacturing and formulation. The platform includes critical reagents supply, to enable RNA assembly from sequence to large-scale production.

Our history



Launch of Univercells

In 2013, Univercells was created with the ambition to make biologics available and affordable to all.

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June 2021

Official launch of Quantoom Biosciences

The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the desperate need for technological innovation in manufacturing to provide a simple, scalable way to make RNA. By lowering the barriers to RNA production, we allow our partners that have previously not considered exploring RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics, to gain access to RNA production capabilities and enter the market.

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July 2021


Collaboration with eTheRNA

Quantoom entered into a strategic collaboration to build an advanced, small footprint technology platform for the production of affordable RNA-based therapies, that can be used either within existing facilities or rapidly deployed to areas of urgent need.

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December 2021

Grants of $13.9 million to support the development of the mRNA platform

The company received grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walloon Region of Belgium for an amount of $7.5 million (€ 6.7 million), and $6.4 million (€ 5.7 million), respectively.

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January 2022


Acquisition of SynHelix

Quantoom acquires the French biotech, SynHelix, who has developed a technology that is an alternative to DNA amplification using bacteria. The company was renamed Quantoom Research France and is focusing on integrating a “new generation DNA bioreactor” that will provide unparalleled benefits in productivity and cost saving, both for R&D and production needs.

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June 2022

Agreement for the first African-owned Covid-19 vaccine

The collaboration between Univercells and Afrigen (hosting the World Health Organization's Gloabl mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer Hub) will focus on the development of a novel mRNA vaccine that will dramatically accelerate access to the vaccine by using Quantoom’s mRNA production technology. Afrigen and Univercells will be supported in the collaboration by mRNA specialist eTheRNA.

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