Seamless scalable mRNA Production with Ntensify™

The interest in mRNA therapeutics is increasing but their production still faces bottlenecks. Their development, upscaling, and commercial production are challenging. With the standard production approaches, the required resources are scattered and diverse. Quantoom Biosciences developed a seamless solution: Ntensify™, which replaces the complex and lengthy workflow consisting of numerous pieces of equipment with a single and fully automated system built with an optimized process and a single purification step. To tailor various needs, a wide range of equipment is developed to support needs from benchtops in R&D to GMP facilities for commercial production. Nevertheless, all equipment offers the same benefits: an optimized, redefined process for unparalleled quality RNA yields, automation for improved reproducibility, ready-to-use reagent mixes, and scale-less disposables for ease of operation. This latter is obtained with a reaction volume fixed at 20 mL scale and occurring in multiple cavities in parallel to obtain commercial volumes.  To illustrate the scalability of the Ntensify™ process, a 4 kb rabies construct was produced manually and using the Ntensify™ midi at a 200 mL scale. Performance comparisons between both production methods showed that the results exceeded specifications, were reproducible, and were comparable across reaction cavities.

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