Seamless scalability of mRNA vaccine production leveraging Ntensify™ solution

Upscaling of a rabies vaccine from R&D to commercial scale

The advent of mRNA vaccines marks a significant advancement in healthcare, offering rapid development and adaptability crucial for addressing emergent diseases. These vaccines have shown high efficacy in controlling COVID-19 without introducing pathogenic parts, minimizing risks and streamlining deployment.

However, challenges like the lack of optimized procedures, scalability issues, and high manufacturing costs hinder widespread adoption. Quantoom Biosciences tackles these issues with its Ntensify™ technology for mRNA synthesis and purification, combining an IVT process with co-transcriptional capping and single-step purification.

In a recent case study, Quantoom demonstrated high IVT performance of thirteen rabies constructs produced with Ntensify™ technology. The current study showcases Ntensify™’s scalability from 10 to 20,000 doses and its robustness at both small and large scales. 146 small-scale batches were compared with 2 large-scale batches on Ntensify™ midi equipment.

Download the white paper to discover the results and see how Quantoom Biosciences is pioneering a new era in preventative medicine against infectious diseases.

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