Rabies mRNA vaccine case study

Quality and Manufacturing of the IVT Performance using Ntensify™ Technology

Quantoom Biosciences is developing an mRNA vaccine for pre-and post-exposure prophylaxis of rabies. This case study discusses the quality of the material produced by IVT in the context of this ongoing vaccine development program as an illustration of the performance of the Ntensify™ manufacturing technology.  

Current situation: Standard of RNA production follows a traditional batch operating model with complex purification steps

Our solution: Compact, fully integrated continuous RNA production system with a single purification step

Innovation: Optimal IVT process delivering RNAs already meeting the drug substance specification. Purification serves to separate RNA from reaction buffer components, e.g. proteins, unreacted oligonucleotides, capping reagents, salts, and other chemicals. Quantoom designed purification based on silica-magnetic beads capturing RNAs avoiding complex fluid management and bulky nature of multi-column chromatography systems.

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