A New Paradigm in mRNA Bioprocessing

How Ntensify™ Reshapes Affordability and Reduces Time-to-Market

Recent development in mRNA bioprocessing represent a promising solution in therapeutic development, by offering rapid manufacturing, enhanced safety profiles, and flexibility. However, and partly due to the lack of dedicated manufacturing solutions, their full potential has yet to be realized. This paper introduces Ntensify™ as an innovative mRNA production system and demonstrates how it significantly enhances productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Ntensify™ leverages an optimized mRNA production process executed by a fully automated equipment, resulting in industry-leading yields and recovery rates. Its adaptability is showcased across a wide range of constructs, underscoring its robustness and sequence-agnostic capabilities. Furthermore, its streamlined approach reduces costs, making mRNA-based therapeutics more accessible. Finally, in the context of pandemic preparedness, Ntensify™ emerges as a critical asset, enabling swift response with its production capabilities.

All in all, Ntensify™’s transformative potential reshapes the landscape of mRNA drug development and reinforces global healthcare preparedness.

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