Quantoom Biosciences Launches Ntensify™ mano: A Groundbreaking kit for Rapid and Scalable mRNA Production

Nivelles, Belgium – Quantoom Biosciences S.A. (“Quantoom”), a subsidiary of Univercells S.A., proudly announces the extension of the Ntensify™ product line with the launch of Ntensify™ mano, an mRNA kit containing reagent mixes for mRNA production and purification in the research context. The all-in-one kit is a cost-effective solution for mRNA production.  It combines convenience, efficiency, and control. By providing optimized components for both IVT and downstream purification, Ntensify™ mano ensures high-quality results while reducing variability and saving time. The mano is based on Quantoom’s existing technology but eliminates the need to invest in equipment and enables manual small-scale research production of mRNA in less than three hours.

The Ntensify™ mano kit is based on the highly successful Ntensify™ process. The effectiveness of the NtensifyTM process has already been demonstrated in larger-scale production equipment for both clinical trials and commercial production of mRNA globally. This construct-agnostic process integrates an optimized one-pot in vitro transcription with co-transcriptional capping and a redesigned single-step purification to minimize mRNA losses and increase the availability of drug-substance mRNA. The Ntensify™ process is the result of an advanced Design of Experiments (DoE) and has been continually refined over the past four years.

The Ntensify™ process has been designed to operate at different scales. Starting with the Ntensify™ mano kit, scientists can produce mRNA for research purposes without needing any specialized equipment. The same process can be seamlessly scaled up to produce small-scale quantities for pre-clinical application on the Ntensify™ mini platform. Mid-scale quantities for clinical trials require the Ntensify™ midi while large-scale commercial production can be carried out on the Ntensify™ maxi. By designing and using proprietary disposables, this range of equipment removes the need for comparability studies beyond 20mL, facilitating rapid scale-up required in pandemic contexts such as during the last COVID-19 outbreak. Quantoom Biosciences remains at the forefront of enabling its partners to achieve cost-effective, low-footprint, high-quality, and low-impurity RNA production.

José Castillo, CEO of Quantoom Biosciences and CTO of Univercells, expresses his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled about expanding our product range with the Ntensify mano. It offers an invaluable solution for researchers needing efficient mRNA production on a smaller scale and at speed. I am pleased that they will benefit from our extensive expertise in such a compact kit.