Quantoom Biosciences and Tiamat Sciences Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize mRNA Production

DURHAM, North Carolina – Quantoom Biosciences S.A. (“Quantoom”), part of Univercells S.A., focused on mRNA production technologies for vaccines and therapeutics, and Tiamat Sciences, a plant-based platform and product life sciences company, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at bringing mRNA technology to a broader audience.

Under this partnership, Tiamat Sciences will work on feasibility evaluation, development and supply of a series of key enzymes in support of the innovative platform production processes developed at Quantoom Biosciences. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way mRNA is produced, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable.

A New Era in mRNA Production

Quantoom Biosciences and Tiamat Sciences are at the forefront of innovation in mRNA technology. By leveraging Tiamat’s plant-based expression systems, the partnership aims to significantly enhance innovation within mRNA production processes, which is crucial for the development of vaccines and therapeutics.

Statements from Leadership

Quantoom Biosciences CEO, Jose Castillo, stated, “We are thrilled to engage in this collaboration with Tiamat Sciences. By combining our expertise in mRNA manufacturing with Tiamat Sciences’ innovative approach to enzyme development, we believe we can significantly enhance our ability to deliver groundbreaking solutions in the mRNA field. This strategic partnership represents a tremendous opportunity to improve access to healthcare and further increase the affordability of new treatments .”

Tiamat Sciences CEO, France-Emmanuelle Adil, added, “We are proud to join forces with Quantoom Biosciences. This partnership not only underscores the scientific milestones we have achieved but also highlights the immense potential of plant-based expression systems in transforming the future of pharmaceutical production.”

Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Production

The collaboration between Quantoom and Tiamat is poised to set new standards in the pharmaceutical industry. By utilizing plant-based expression systems for essential reagents, the partnership demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and innovation, ensuring that the future of protein production is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

About Quantoom Biosciences

Quantoom Biosciences is reinventing mRNA production by developing an RNA platform that includes RNA manufacturing and formulation. Their RNA manufacturing technology, Ntensify™, encompasses process, equipments, mixes of reagents, and disposables designed for seamless integration across various scales, making it an ideal choice from research to to large-scale manufacturing. Ncapsulate™ is a fully integrated and automated system tailored for GMP mRNA formulation and designed to meet the rigorous standards of both clinical and commercial manufacturing. Quantoom Biosciences’s facilities are strategically located in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, benefiting from an exceptional biotech ecosystem. Quantoom Biosciences is part of Univercells, a global life sciences group with the mission of making biologics accessible to all.

About Tiamat Sciences

Tiamat Sciences is a pioneering life sciences company that uses plant-based platforms to produce reagents. Their innovative approach is transforming the way proteins are produced, emphasizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. Tiamat Sciences has recently made notable advancements by expressing T7 polymerase, a crucial enzyme for mRNA vaccine synthesis.