Our GMP-grade RNA Production System & Disposables

RNA Production

We designed our RNA Production System with end users’ needs in mind, creating a radically different manufacturing technology with two features at its core.

GMP-grade RNA Production System & Disposables
Fridge storing the reagentsIn-Vitro transcription reactionPurification stepsH-vac systemStorage fridge for harvested RNA product

Fridge storing the reagents

In-Vitro transcription reaction

Purification steps

H-vac system

Storage fridge for harvested RNA product


Intensification & chaining

We can manufacture mRNA at a wide range of capacities thanks to our
sequential-continuous production mode at milliliter-scale. This includes
IVT and mRNA purification, to deliver purified naked RNA.


Tunable generic process

We have redesigned the production process and validated it for mRNA
and saRNA. The process is adaptable and able to take sequence
specificities into consideration.


Set of benefits

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    No scale-up needed (pre-) clinical development is already at the final scale, which accelerates your process & product development

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    Single small footprint system that integrates all process steps - no need to invest in a suite of equipment

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    Generic process that is adaptable to your specific RNA construct both for transcription and purification, with polishing options

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    Reduced CoGs thanks to minimal labor & RNA expertise required

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    In vivo validated with multiple RNA constructs to de-risk your product development

Key Numbers

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    Up to 15 g per day over 300 days

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    Up to 75 million doses per year (50 μg)

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