Overview of the platform

Our technologies are based on our Intensification and chaining engineering principles that deliver small footprint, automated and cost-effective bioproduction technologies.

More specifically, we are developing a platform that encompasses 4 equipments all with disposables


Our GMP-grade RNA Production System & Disposables

Low footprint GMP-grade RNA Production System able to seamlessly scale up mRNA from clinical phases up to commercial mass production

RNA R&D Benchtop System & Disposables

Benchtop research-grade RNA system to allow the screening and providing very small-scale batches of mRNA, typically µg-scale for pre-clinical applications


Linear DNA System & Disposables

Benchtop system to amplify linearized plasmid with the Gol as input for RNA sysnthesis

Formulation System & Disposables

Microfluidics-based system to blend the RNA sequence in a LNP-based delivery vehicle


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