Quantoom Biosciences expands its offerings with Nplify, a high-quality linear DNA service for mRNA synthesis

Quantoom Biosciences S.A. (“Quantoom”), a Univercells company, is proud to unveil the latest addition to its offering: a service for DNA amplification for use in mRNA applications. DNA is a key raw material in mRNA production, yet the market is hit by a substantial supply shortage of quality DNA at larger production scales. With its recent expansion in DNA amplification services, Quantoom seeks to offer the industry of mRNA-based vaccine new and affordable means to further develop their lead candidates.

Quantoom’s NplifyTM Services rely on proprietary enzymatic DNA amplification methods. The services can amplify fragments ranging from 2 to 20Kb, a range that covers the most commonly expressed mRNAs. It offers scalable production up to hundreds of mg, quantities covering the needs from mRNA research to production. The amplified DNA is available for RUO (Research Use Only) applications or as High-Quality (HQ) grade, a DNA grade suitable for downstream production of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) mRNA.

Quantoom’s proprietary enzymatic DNA services relieve its user from the usual headaches of tedious primer design and remove any biosafety concerns linked to hazardous contaminants. This revolutionary technology developed by the company streamlines the amplification process by taking care of everything, from plasmid DNA to linear DNA, in under six weeks. This accelerated timeline enables scientists to save valuable time and resources and allows them to focus on advancing critical research and development.

“We are thrilled to introduce NplifyTM, our game-changing linear DNA technology,” said Irina Gbalou, Head of Research at Quantoom Biosciences. “This breakthrough innovation will empower researchers across the globe to accelerate their mRNA synthesis projects and drive progress in various fields, including therapeutics, vaccines, and beyond.”

This new service is part of the company’s Nfinity™ platform, which advances and accelerates cost-effective mRNA process development thanks to process intensification, integration, and automation. It offers enhanced productivity and quality alongside seamless scaling, with reduced operational costs and capital investment needs.